Aromatherapy Diffuser Refill Packs

£11.98 £10.00

These Diffuser refill Packs are ideal as a refurbishment of your Aromatherapy Locket Necklace or your Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kits

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To help with the post and packing costs, which is unfortunately unavoidable when we purchase from the manufactures, and to make the post and packing costs cheaper for you, we only sell these refill packs in kit form consisting (2)x essential oils + a pack of (20)x re-usable pads (in either size you require) This is at a cost of only £10.00 but post and packing is just 99p on this pack.

  • You can order any 2 fragrances of your choice
  • plus any pack of 20 refill pads (choose size required)
  • Or a  mixed pack of both sizes (10 of each size)


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Suitable refill packs for the Diffuser Locket Necklaces or the Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kits

Choice of Size between 25mm or 30mm


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