Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kits


Brand New To Gem Unique

Thank You For Your Patience 

We Are Happy to Announce as from 31 May 2020 Our Car Diffusers Are BACK IN STOCK And Can Now Be Purchased

These will make a great gift idea for any occasion but are also essential for all types of journey’s

Whether you are on the school run, off on holiday or stuck in that traffic jam there will be a blend to help you focus, stay fresh throughout your journey making it a pleasurable as possible

Each locket contains a small pad which holds a few drops of your favourite essential oils which then slowly diffuses a beautiful fragrance through the ventilation holes at the front of the locket

Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the small pad. Lock it inside the locket and clip it onto your ventilation system inside the car and let the airflow do the rest. Nothing to fix or screw in, simply clip it to the vent.

The scent will last for a few days but can then be topped up with a few more drops of your favourite essential oil onto the pad.

All Lockets are 30mm in diameter

Made from solid stainless steel will make sure they do not tarnish or breakdown over time

Each car diffuser locket kit includes 10 mixed coloured pads and one fragrance oil of your choice

Backs of the locket are solid and come in a choice of 10 laser cut designs on the front

Two of the designs have coloured sparkle stones set within the design

The locket will open from the front and is held by a strong magnetic closure

This will be a gift that any car driver will enjoy and appreciate or simply treat yourself and your car to a bit of luxury

  • Stainless Steel
  • Choice of 10 designs (two set with coloured sparkle stones)
  • Comes with an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend of your choice
  • All pads are washable and reusable but more can be ordered if you need to replace

Each Car Blend Contains The Following Combination Of Fragrances:

  • Focus & Drive= Rosemary, Lime and Frankincense *(Said to help you make good decisions)
  • Traffic Jam= Lavender, Herbal Scent of Rosemary and Citrus-Fresh Mandarin *(Said to help with focus and motivation)
  • Long Drive= Blend of Tangerine, Grapefruit and Lime *(Said to help with energy and enhance your mood)
  • Travel Ease= Minty Scent of Spearmint and a Citrusy Scent of Lemon *(Said to help with concentration and mood)
  • Family Trip= Sweet Woody Blend of Cedarwood and a Blend of Fruity Bergamot *(Said to help with alertness and reduce stress)

*Of Course, it goes without saying that, although fragrances and essential oils have been around for thousands of years and, for some people they do help with their thoughts, feelings and beliefs, Gem Unique must stress that non of these are facts that have been medically proven and therefore we must stress again that at anytime you are feeling tired or drowsy please stop driving and take regular breaks, especially on long journey’s.

Do you need extra pads and essential oils? Check Them Out “HERE”




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A brand new Car diffuser Kit From Gem Unique

These Great Car Diffuser Kits are ideal for those difficult journey’s

Complete with your choice of favourite Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend

  10 different designs all 30mm Diameter



Guardian Angel, Hamsa, Lotus Buddha, Auto Wheel, Football, Yoga Chakra, Tree Of Life, Flower Of Life, Dragonfly, Angel Wings


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