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Personalised Bespoke And Unique Gift Ideas From Gem Unique

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Some More Great Gift Ideas For All Those Special Occasions And People In Your Life

gallery/ccomp-08b star sign compass
gallery/ccomp-08a star sign compass

Ideal gift ideas for Birthday's, Anniversaries, Father's day, Mother's day, Weddings, Christmas and lots more celebrations

Star Sign Compass Collectible

A brilliant gift idea. Made from brass and sized 6cm H x 14cm D with a weight of 670g.

This item is fully functional and a collectible item but is not designed for serious navigation purposes

Delightful gift at £62.95

gallery/ccomp-04b compass collectable
gallery/ccomp-04a compass collectable

Sundial Compass Collectible

Another great idea in this wonderful Large West London Sundial Compass Collectible

Height 3.5cm x Depth 11cm and a weight of 325g

Made from solid brass and is a collectible item but is not designed for serious navigation purposes

A wonderful gift item at only £44.95

Paper Cutout Picture Frames

These paper cutout picture frames are great for weddings, birthdays, any family celebration. The sporty ones are perfect for the guys such as father's day or birthday's etc.

These are very popular for any occasion. Made from delicate paper cut out and mounted in classy frames with MDF and glass. Please note these frames are sent via courier service.

All priced at just £19.99 each

gallery/pcpf-01 single cyclist
gallery/pcpf-03 sheep
gallery/pcpf-04 under the tree
gallery/pcpf-05 horses
gallery/pcpf-07 golfing
gallery/pcpf-08 family
gallery/pcpf-09 anniversary
gallery/pcpf-10 mum
gallery/pcpf-14 sister
gallery/pcpf-15 daughter
gallery/pcpf-16a love



Under The Tree









Choose Frame Required

Wonderful 3D Prints

Frames (25 x 35cm with 2 metal picture hooks on the back

Another iconic Gift Idea For Any Occasion at Only £10.95 Each

gallery/3dicon-17 harley
gallery/3dicon-20 cuban car
gallery/3dicon-21 cuban car blue
gallery/3dicon-22 cuban car red
gallery/3dicon-23 cuban truck
gallery/3dicon-37 (5 bikes)


Cuban Car Green

Cuban Car Blue

Cuban Car Red

Cuban Truck

Choose Frame Required

Iconic 3D 5 Bike Print. Larger size at 23cm x 50cm. This item sent by courier service.

Lovely gift at £14.99