Become A Friend And Earn


How would you like to earn extra cash for those rainy days? Maybe some spending money for your holidays or maybe to help pay for those special treats at Christmas?

Why not become a friend of Gem Unique and introduce others to this website?

Work it as much or as little as you want.

There are no commitments at all. No weekly or monthly targets to find, no money to pay up front, no selling involved and, you can stop or cancel at any time.

And it’s Totally Free.


As a friend of this website simply introduce and recommend our Personalised Gift Website (basically this one) to as many of your friends, relatives, neighbours and work colleagues as you like.

Send them our website link, (not forgetting to add your Voucher Code Number) for them to use, through your social network contacts. Are you a member of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc? You can send it to all your on-line contacts. You can also pass on our business cards or advertising leaflets by hand to all your friends, relatives, neighbours and work colleagues. Include your Unique Voucher Code on all material so they can enter it at the checkout for them to save and for you to earn.

Invite them to check out our website, and the next time they need a lovely personalised gift, they can browse our wonderful gift ideas and, if they see something they like, make a purchase.

As you introduce, don’t forget to tell the potential customers that by using the Voucher Code at checkout, they will save 10% off their order.

Once they make a purchase you will earn a 10% commission on their purchase.

So, once they place an order, they save 10% and you earn 10% of their order.


Once you register as a Friend of Gem Unique using the form below, you will receive a Unique Voucher Code.

You write or print this Voucher Code on any literature, business cards or leaflets you hand out.

You include it in any link you send through your Social Network Contacts.

Just make sure that the customer understands they must use the Voucher Code before they check out.

One thing that will encourage them to use the Voucher Code, is to remind them that each time they make a purchase and use the Voucher Code, they will save 10% from their total order.

This Voucher Code is unique to you so when the customer decides to make a purchase and use the code, not only do they save 10% on their order but, you also earn 10% of their total spend (Excluding any P&P costs).

Also, this voucher will last as long as you remain registered as a friend and the customer can use it as many times as they like. So, if that customer makes two or three gift purchases throughout the year, they save 10% each time and you earn 10% each time.

On top of that, remember, should that customer go on to recommend our website to their friends and give them the same Voucher Code to use for the 10% saving you earn commission off that customer too.


Absolutely not. As we said, you can work this as and when you want and, as much or as little as you want. Obviously the more you introduce and recommend to our website, the more customers will visit our website and make a purchase. So, its up to you how you promote our website and to as many people as you like. Work it during your normal working day, to your neighbours, friends and work colleagues etc. Use your Social Networks to your advantage. You could deliver leaflets door to door if you want. How you decide to do it, really is up to you. Remember you are just introducing our personalised gifting website so, as you can tell, no selling involved and certainly no hard work involved.

Just a note: Remember the earnings is commission based only and it will work as you are self-employed. So, any money you earn and any tax liabilities will be your responsibility.

The “IMPORTANT” thing, make sure you write, print or stamp your unique Voucher Code Number on all your advertising correspondence, leaflets, business cards etc. Or even if you are recommending us to someone and you only write our website address down on a piece of paper and hand it to them, make sure it contains your Voucher Code. I know it sounds simple, but on a couple of occasions we have had people who told us they have just handed out a couple of hundred leaflets and realised after, they forgot to print their voucher code on them. Unfortunately, if this happens, we have no way of tracing where to send the commission? ☹

Once registered as a friend of Gem Unique we will start you off with a handful of leaflets and business cards which we will post out to you along with a copy of terms and conditions.

If you need more leaflets, we would suggest, (and this is the only small outlay by you), purchase yourself, (if you haven’t already got some at home), a pack of normal copier paper, (75-80gsm is good enough and reasonably cheap), and use your home printer to print as many as you need.

As you can see, if you have a normal home printer, or you know someone with one, the easiest and quickest way is to copy and print out some leaflets. This is quite cheap to do and should cost no more than 3-4 pounds.

Of course, another way of introducing your friends and relatives to our website could be through social network. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other well used on-line social networks, you can post our link to all your friends and contacts. As you will receive your Voucher Code by email, there will be nothing stopping you from earning straight away.

All you have to remember is before you post our website link out on your social networks, make sure you attach your Unique Voucher Code to your post and remind the potential customer that if they make a purchase the voucher will allow them to save 10% off their purchase. As soon as they do, you will earn 10% commission on their sale too.


Use the registration form below and we will email your Unique Voucher Code for you to use on all your advertising material or your social network contacts. This is normally within 24-48 hours or sooner.

Once you have this Voucher Code you can start using it straight away.

One of the advantages and an added bonus of registering as a friend of Gem Unique is the fact that you can use your own Voucher Code Number for your own purchases if you like. If you make any purchases yourself from our website, you can use your own Voucher Code and get 10% off your order at check out and, on top of that, you will also receive 10% commission back from your own purchase, making your total saving of 20% in total. Can’t lose, can you? 😉 And this is only available to registered Friends of Gem Unique.

There are two ways to receive your commission payments

  1. Paid straight into your bank account
  2. If you have a PayPal account, we can pay it into that

If you would like to be paid into your bank account, all we need is your Bank name, account number you want to use and the banks sort code.

If you want it paid into your PayPal account, all we need is the e-mail address associated with that PayPal account.

Either way payment is made to your account no earlier than 21 days after the customers purchase. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Get Started by completing the form below. Once approved we will send you your Unique Voucher Code Number.

Full Home Address. Only needed to send any leaflets/ business cards and copy of T&C's